Affordable Grants, LLC is committed to helping all nonprofit organizations obtain grant funding. It is our goal to see that charities, however big or small, have the funding they need to do their much needed work.

  • Affordable Grants will treat clients with professionalism and hold the highest ethical standards.
  • Affordable Grants will obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws.
  • Affordable Grants will not be associated with any organization that is knowingly misleading.
  • Affordable Grants shall not abuse any relationship with a client or funder.
Our goal here at Affordable Grants is to help you help others. We help nonprofit organizations secure funding by providing affordable, professionally written grant proposals on their behalf. We know what funders are looking for, and we know how to effectively present your information to them. We will work with organizations on any budget, and will go out of our way to assist your nonprofit in finding funds.

Affordable Grants assists tax-exempt organizations such as religious, educational, charitable, literacy, health care, family and children, arts and animal welfare organizations. There are many outstanding nonprofit organizations with causes deserving of support. Will yours be the next to benefit from available funding? Or will yours be left wondering, "What if?"

Contact Affordable Grants today. Fill out our Assessment Form and let us know how we can assist your cause!
Affordable Grants is a grant writing firm providing affordable, professionally written grant proposals. Our writers have many years of experience writing successful grant proposals for nonprofit organizations. We provide our clients with access to funding databases not available to the general public. We will match your organization's needs with the most appropriate funding sources.

Many nonprofit organizations will never apply for grant funding that could literally breathe new life into their organization because they don't know how or find it too competitive. As in any industry, there is a specific verbiage used, as well as a writing style within the nonprofit grant funding community. If you are trained in writing nonprofit grant proposals, then you do not need us; however, if you are not confident in writing nonprofit grant proposals, then you should to talk with us.

Here, at Affordable Grants, we assist our clients to obtain the grant funding that is most suited to their organizational needs. In order to qualify for this grant funding, you must be a nonprofit organization. The government does not give out money to just anyone who asks for it, of course; certain qualifications must be met.

Grant money may also be obtained through private corporations and foundations. Big business is still big, even in the present economy. Corporations, for tax purposes, still give away millions of dollars in grant funding to nonprofit organizations. Many of them seek visibility in the community and look for projects to improve their image as responsible corporate citizens. They focus on community development or simply the greater good. Private foundations, on the other hand, want to make a real impact; they look for specific, worthwhile projects to support.

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